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A menu for every occasion is our motto. Click on each of the categories to view the full menu along with the pricelist.

Hamills Restaurant

Served from 10am till 11.30am every day. Click here  for menu.


Hamills Breakfast Menu

Breakfast from 10am to 11.30am Lunch from 11.30am till 3pm
Gluten Free options available or Vegetarian (V)
Please advise your waiter if you have special requirements or have time restraints.


    • Fruit & Yoghurt topped with homemade granola  10

    • Pancakes with Banana,bacon and drizzled with maple syrup OR with a berry compote,whipped cream & maple syrup 14
    • Bacon & Egg Sandwich Bacon, fried egg and tomato sauce 10
    • Eggs any way on toasted bread, 10.5 add bacon for +3.5
    • Eggs benedict bacon  with fresh spinach and hollandaise on bread 17
    • Eggs Montreal smoked salmon, fresh spinach and hollandaise on bread 18.5
    • Eggs Florentine tomato salsa, fresh spinach and hollandaise on bread 16
    • Hamills Breakfast eggs, bacon, sausage, tomato, mushroom and hash browns with bread 20 (available until 3pm)




      • Bacon 3.5
      • Mushrooms 3.5
      • Hash browns 3.5
      • Tomatoes 2.5
      • Sausage 2.5
      • Egg 2
      • beer batter fries12
      • Shoestring fries 8
      • Extra sauce 0.5
      • Gluten free bread 1

        10% surcharge on public holidays

        Please pay at the bar.

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                Hamills Restaurant

                The locals favourites from 9am till 9pm every day of the year. Click here  for menu.


                Hamills Pizza Menu

                Available 8.30am until 8.30pm
                Gluten free bases available in Medium only All our pizza are topped with grated mozzarella cheese
                Please advise your waiter if you have any special requirements

                Classic Pizza

                  • Small 15/16
                  • Medium 20/22
                    • Veggie's Delight: roast pumpkin, mushroom, olives, spinach and feta topped with aioli 
                    • Hawaiian: ham, cheese, pineapple and oregano.
                    • Pepperoni: Premium pepperoni and mushrooms
                    • BBQ Chicken: smoked chicken, red peppers and BBQ sauce
                    • Margarita: Napoli base and cheese

                  Gourmet Pizza

                    • Small 17/18
                    • Medium 23/24
                      • Breakfast Pizza: bacon, eggs, hash browns and hollandaise sauce, perfect for anytime of the day or night.
                      • Smoked Salmon: smoked salmon, capers, creamy brie cheese, and  topped with sour cream and flaked almonds.
                      • Seafood: Fresh Fish , shrimp and scallops, with garlic butter a tomato base and fresh parsley. (small 18/ medium 24)
                      • Chicken Cranberry & Brie: the traditional classic but with a béchamel sauce flavoured with roast garlic, bringing whole new taste to this favourite.
                      • Tandoori chicken : Tandoori marinated chicken, spinach, red onion, cashew nuts and coriander yoghurt 
                      • Porky’s: chorizo, ham and hot pork with fire roasted capsicums, tomatoes and a smoky tomato base.
                      • Spiced lamb kofta: spiced lamb kofta with fresh tomato, redonion, mushroom, spinach & mint yoghurt 


                    Add a toppings +2 for the first topping, +1.00 for the second / Gluten Free Base on Medium Size ONLY +1.5
                    Half & Half Option on Medium Size ONLY 24 Extra sauce +0.5 Extra sauce +0.5
                    10% surcharge on public holidays.

                    From 11.30am till 8.30pm. Our talented Kitchen team consistently surpass our customer expectations. Click here for menu.


                    Hamills Dinner Menu

                    Available from 5pm until 8.30pm
                    Gluten free and vegetarian options available
                    Please advise your waiter if you have any special requirements

                    Breads to start

                      • Garlic bread 8
                      • Garlic bread with mozzarella 10
                      • Crisp flat bread with dips  12


                      • Seafood Chowder served with bread 14
                      • Squid Rings lightly floured and seasoned with salt & pepper, served with aioli 14
                      • Fresh Fish Tacos today's fresh fish pan fried in a tomato chilli & lime sauce and served on four soft tacos with coriander & reds cabbage slaw $16
                      • Pulled Pork Bao Buns slow cooked pulled pork and Asian slaw in steamed bao buns $16
                      • Caesar salad cos lettuce, bacon, croutons, anchovies, parmesan and a soft boiled egg 17
                      • Add smoked chicken +4   Add smoked salmon +5
                      • Stuffed Mushroom : Crumbed mushroom stuffed with goat cheese, red pepper, onion with balsamic reduction and tomato salsa 15

                    Main course



                      • Southland Blue Cod in crisp Macs Gold beer batter with shoe string fries and garden salad.  22 extra piece of fish +5 extra fried egg +2



                      • 250g Rump Steak served with shoestring fried, salad and red wine jus  25
                      • Baby Back Pork Ribs in a smokey bourbon marinade with beer batter fries and salad 29


                      • Garden salad 6
                      • Seasonal vegetables 6
                      • Shoe string fries 8
                      • Beer Batter Fries  10
                      • Kumera Wedges 12
                      • Creamy Mash 5

                    10% surcharge on public holidays

                    Hamills Restaurant

                    All deserts and sauces are made by Hamills and are addictive and colouring free.Not sure about the calories! Click here for menu.




                      • Chocolate and caramel Tarte  served with hazelnut mousse and Killinchy Gold affogato ice cream 12
                      • Raspberry & White Chocolate Mousse Bar  served with Killinchy Gold Mango sorbet 10
                      • Ice cream & Sorbet choice of 3 scoops of our selection of ice cream & sorbet 8
                      • Dom Pedro   vanilla icecream blended with Kahlua, Scotch and cream  12
                      • Special Coffee choose from baileys, Kahlua, Galliano, Sambucca, Drambuie, Cointreau, Amaretto, Frangelico, Irish whisky etc 12
                      • Affogato vanilla ice cream with a double shot of coffee       8                                              double shot of liqueur of your choice 12.5

                    Tasty, healthy treats for our younger guests. Click here for menu.


                    Children's Menu

                    Junior Breakfast (available till 3pm) $11 (poached egg, white toast, hash brown & bacon)

                    Kids Pancakes (available till 3pm) $ 10 Banana and bacon OR berry and cream

                    *BBQ Chicken Pizza $11 (Grilled Chicken, cheese and BBQ sauce)

                    *Hawaiian pizza $11 (Ham, Cheese and pineapple)

                    *Margarita Pizza $11 (Simple the best. Cheese)

                    *Grilled Chicken Tenders & vegetables $10.50

                    Fish and Chips $10.50

                    Beef burger & fries $10.50

                    Fruit Skewers with Yoghurt $10.50